XenoHolographic Augmented Reality Platform

The industry's most versatile AR platform, allowing the choice of engagement by marker, location and Web-based activation.

Real-time data reporting provides valuable marketing intelligence, with information securely stored on the Cloud.

White labeling solution with full branding support on our app, or we can integrate our AR technology into your app.

Competitively priced AR solution provides unrivaled value to industries, including: Retail, Sports/Live Events, Advertising/Promotions, Gaming and Fundraising.




The AR content activation mobile app.  XenoMark allows you to quickly create and deploy AR activations by location and visual markers.  In literally minutes, you can create AR activations and deploy it for your consumers.  XenoMark is used by marketing people to reach their consumers with AR.  And if you ever need assistance, an AR Content Concierge is there to assist you. 


The AR mobile browser app.  After you activate your AR with XenoMark, consumers use XenoPlay to experience it.  But XenoPlay does WAY more than just activate and visualize AR.  XenoPlay delivers AR Rewards and creates AR Stories.  It shows people where they need to go and what they need to do activate AR.  You can engage your consumers overnight with AR using XenoPlay.


The AR content management system.  XenoCloud is a centralized CMS (Content Management System) where all your AR is securely stored and managed.  When you create AR activations in XenoMark, they are stored in XenoCloud.  Advanced AR activations are created in XenoCloud where you can assign AR Rewards to deliver when AR is activated.  You can create AR Stories in XenoCloud to drive your consumers to perform different AR activations, and then reward them when they complete the AR Stories.  You set up all of your branding in XenoCloud to make XenoPlay your own experience.  Analytics are stored and delivered through XenoCloud.  XenoCloud is powered by cloud technology and scales across the planet no matter the size of your consumer base.