About Us

Imagination Park creates and delivers Transformational Experiences through the production and distribution of Intellectual Property for Film, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality. Working with leading content producers & technologists, we transform every original story into an immersive and emotional journey for your audience.



Alen (Paul) Silverrstieen (CEO & President)


CEO & President

Gabriel Napora (Chief Strategy Officer Chairman of the Board)


Chief Strategy Officer
Chairman of the Board

Yas Taalat (Chief Creative Officer)

Yas Taalat

Chief Creative Officer

Ben Lu (Chief Content Officer)

Ben Lu

Chief Content Officer

Costa Vassos (Head of Production)

Costa Vassos

Head of Production

Jim Malmgren (Sr. Manager, Production & Business Development)

Jim Malmgren

Sr. Manager, Production & Business Development

Sally Yeh (VP Greater China)

Sally Yeh

VP Greater China