What Have You Imagined?

At Imagination Park we are always interested in working with promising and talented up and coming independent filmmakers. It is our objective to help you take your project to the next level. Please submit your project to us via the form below and or via email. By doing so, you agree to accept our disclaimer below:

Submission Disclaimer.

Submitting a Movie Script

How should my script be formatted?

It would be cool if your submissions could be in standard script format. The suggested length for a successful script submission is between 85 and 160 pages using Courier 12-point font and standard script margins. A Word doc idea is OK but email us first.

Who will read my script?

At Imagination Park we take creativity very seriously. All material submitted will be reviewed by a high-level producer. Please note that we are focused on content that is special effects heavy. Sci-Fi, Action. Family and Thrillers are genres that will take preference at this time.

Submitting a Concept Video

Can I submit a concept video?

If you choose to send us a video, ideally it would be 3-15 minutes max, and  give a complete overview of your film concept. Simply upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo (keep it private if you want) and send us the link.

Do I need to send original content?

Imagination Park looks for projects that we can package and produce. You must own or have obtained all rights to any story, script, characters or book. This includes material contained in your video content as well.

Make sure you license any clips, music or photographs that you include in your video content. It’s up to you to ensure that you have all the necessary rights to permit us to promote your project on your behalf. Don’t forget to get releases from actors or voiceover talent, and others that may have helped create your work.

Contact Us

How Can I Talk To A Human?

The best way to contact us is by email or through the contact form on this web site. Send your email  to info (@) imaginationpark.com and include your best phone number. Type the word SUBMISSION:(your name) in the subject line and please allow a few days for a response . Imagination Park has offices both in LA and Vancouver BC, Canada. Visits to the Paramount production offices are by appointment only.

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