13 Canadian Crypto and Blockchain Stocks to Follow

Nov 27, 2017


Hot money.

Ask anyone in the capital markets who has taken a meeting in the past two months, blockchain is on everyone’s lips. And it’s already been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, from the dizzying early highs of HIVE Blockchain to the aborted IPO of NextBlock Global.

The most immediate parallel, of course, is the marijuana space of last year, which itself got a second act with courtesy its biggest player, Canopy Growth Corp,. partnering with big liquor in the form of Constellation Brands.

How will this end? Badly for most, if history is any guide. But in the meantime, fortunes will be made in the blockchain space. Perhaps one or more of the companies listed below (presented in random order) will break through to international acclaim.

1. HIVE Blockchain (TSXV:HIVE)
Closing Price, November 22: $2.89
Market Cap: $677.9-million

The stock that kicked off the blockchain frenzy has cooled of late, but a recently closed bought deal of $34.5-million should put the company at ease.

2. Imagination Park (CSE:IP)
Closing Price, November 22: $0.46
Market Cap: $28.8-million

Crypto for augmented reality is a thing with Imagination Park. “With the explosion of augmented reality, we believe our novel approach to 3-D augmented reality content delivery uniquely positions XenoHolographic,” CEO Paul Silverrstieen said recently. “Thousands of businesses will be able to deliver holographic experiences instantaneously when it would have been near impossible before. Xeno Tokens will be used as part of ‘proof of play’ of content delivery and engagement. Augmented reality is with us now, and we believe will be even more prevalent in the short-term future.”

3. Global Blockchain Technologies (TSXV:BLOC)
Closing Price, November 22: $2.32
Market Cap: $54.1-million

Global Blockchain entered the crypto space earlier this month with the purchase of Coinstream, a company that has aggregated 10 megawatts of power in purpose-built data centres located in low-power-cost jurisdiction in Manitoba.

4. 360 Blockchain (CSE:CODE)
Closing Price, November 22: $.245
Market Cap: $27.9-million

Bitcoin who? Cryptocurrency miner 360 Clockchain has interests elsewhere. “Of the many upsides to cryptocurrency’s explosion in popularity are the opportunities to mine coins other than Bitcoin,” said president George Tsafalas. “The business challenge is identifying the most lucrative contracts.” The company says it plans to mine Ethereum and Zcash.

5. NetCents Technology (CSE:NC)
Closing Price, November 22: $.90
Market Cap: $30.5-million

Would-be payments processer NetCents on Halloween launched the NetCents Cryptocurrency Exchange for the NetCents Coin. The company says it has big ambitions in the banking space. “The financial blockchain race to update an outdated financial system is underway and NetCents is well positioned with our banking partners to play a significant role in this transformation and in tomorrow’s financial flows,” said CEO Clayton Moore.

6. Glance Technologies (CSE:GET)
Closing Price, November 22: $2.60
Market Cap: $327.0-million

Glance has plans to become both a crytpo for the rewards space and an anti-fraud solution. The company is rolling out its mobile application, Glance Pay, to Canadian restaurants.

7. Global Remote Technologies (CSE:RGT)
Closing Price, November 22: $0.38
Market Cap: $16.0-million

Global Remote Technologies is looking to acquire 1Linx Blockchain Technologies Corp., a New York-based blockchain technology company, the company says is known for its highly successful proprietary blockchain authentication platform and suite of blockchain security services. The pickup would be a departure from its current business, which is collecting oil and gas field data through sensor technologies.

8. Stompy Bot Corp. (CSE:BOT)
Closing Price, November 22: $0.18
Market Cap: $13.6-million

Blockchain for video games. The company with the most colourful name in the Canadian crypto space intends to acquire Toronto-based Token Play Inc. for $2.4-million. Token Play, the company says, is a technology company involved in the development of blockchain technology in the video game space which will seek to provide a platform for the exchange of in-game currencies and tokens.

9. LeoNovus (TSXV:LTV)
Closing Price, November 22: $0.49
Market Cap: $101.9-million

Blockchain for cloud storage. Late in October, LeoNovus announced it would partner with Toronto-based systems integrator FlexITy Solutions Inc. to offer a “blockchain-enhanced software-defined storage solution”. “FlexITy’s years of experience is a tremendous addition to our ability to reach out and positively address customer business issue and data protection concerns with our unique and powerful data storage technology. We are very excited to add FlexITy as a new partner, and together we will empower enterprise IT to move and manage data either on premises or in the cloud without risking security or compliance,” said LeoNovus CEO Michael Gaffney.

10. Fintech Select Ltd. (TSXV:FTEC)
Closing Price, November 22: $.415
Market Cap: $25.8-million

Crptocurrency exchange player Fintech Select says it will roll out a national network of POS locations which will have cryptocurrency purchasing capability. “As we continue to expand our services, we are excited with this partnership and the infrastructure it provides to better serve the Canadian mass market looking to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies,” said CEO Mohammad Abuleil recently.

11. Blox Labs (CSE:BLOX)
Closing Price, November 22: $.21
Market Cap: $4.2-million

Formerly known as Big Rock Labs, a firm that tracked networking events through geolocation, the board of the newly dubbed Blox felt it had no choice but to add blockchain to stay relevant. “In advancing our previous product offerings, The Reach App and LinkedInAudit, we have assembled the necessary infrastructure, including expertise in coding for web applications as well as iOS and Android operating systems, database mining, search optimization, and branding and marketing, in order to successfully bring technology products to market,” said CEO Harald Seemann. “Adding blockchain applications to our suite of services, both existing and future, is a natural evolution for us in the rapidly evolving sector of today’s digital ecosystems.”

12. eXeBlock Technology Corporation (CSE:XBLK)
Closing Price, November 22: $1.49
Market Cap: $90.9-million

The most vague of all current crypto offerings, eXeBlock says it “is a designer of custom, state-of-the-art blockchain-based software applications that provide profitable, secure and efficient solutions to businesses and markets globally. eXeBlock is one of the first Canadian public companies focused on the development of disruptive decentralized applications (DApps) using blockchain technology.”

13. BTL Group (TSXV:BTL)
Closing Price, November 22: $7.41
Market Cap: $135.4-million

The granddaddy of the Canadian blockchain pubco world, founded way back in 2011, is arguably its most accomplished member. BTL’s Interbit platform and built in collaboration with VISA Europe. BNN’s Amber Kanwar detailed the company’s journey from startup to established player in the nascent space.

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13 Canadian Crypto and Blockchain Stocks to Follow