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Imagination Park Entertainment is building a sustainable and scalable growth model inclusive for all talented and up and coming independent filmmakers. Our model is based on finding world-class material, talent and stories.

We package the projects and deliver them to our strategic partners and financiers. This is the “new wave” of Hollywood business which relies heavily on projects that have budgets in place, talent attached and a high quality, proof-of-concept to present to investor groups and studios.

See the example below of an extremely successful execution of this strategy.


Tetravale – Proof Of Concept


Films today are financed based on what’s called PROOF OF CONCEPTS; short films or trailers created before financing is in place to show investors and studios what the film will look like. Gabriel Napora’s Proof of Concept TETRAVALE became a SONY blockbuster hit called CHAPPIE. Hollywood studios are increasingly choosing proof-of-concepts over plain scripts.

Growth Model


Imagination Park’s sustainable and scalable growth model is inclusive for all talented and up and coming independent filmmakers. We find or create film projects, scripts and proof-of-concepts, then packages them with quality talent for delivery to financiers and major studios.

IP’s corporate strategy intends to advance and package a portfolio of projects with carefully selected A-list talent as well as international financial, production, sales and distribution partners.


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