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At Imagination Park, the creative team have our own proprietary sources to develop our own film and virtual reality projects. Our core focus area is in real-fi science fiction and fantasy with world class special effects, but when we have a good idea that feels right, we run with it in other niches as well. Currently the Company has several self-generated projects under development and is currently optioning some incredible projects.

Please visit our Project Page for more information. Do you have a film or virtual reality project of your own?

Visit our Acceleration page to learn more about our project acceleration model to help take your project to the next level..

Growth Model


Imagination Park’s sustainable and scalable growth model is inclusive for all talented and up and coming independent filmmakers. We find or create film projects, scripts and proof-of-concepts, then packages them with quality talent for delivery to financiers and major studios.

IP’s corporate strategy intends to advance and package a portfolio of projects with carefully selected A-list talent as well as international financial, production, sales and distribution partners.


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