Holiday message From The Chairman

This is Colin Wiebe, Chairman of Imagination Park Entertainment. We’re a publicly traded company on the CSE: under the symbol IP. The US symbol is IPNFF and in Germany, GMS1.


I wanted to make this casual, year-end wrap up video to give you a sneak peek at what’s ahead for Imagination Park in 2017 and to share with you some exciting new developments.

Before I talk about the future, it’s important to look at the year in review.

You may, or may not, have been following the progress of the Company in detail, so I want to quickly highlight a few accomplishments and milestones.

This past year has been exciting and yet not without it’s challenges. For me personally, I lost my father this year. After a stroke he went down hill very fast and while we all suffer loss at one time or another, it’s in those moments we realize our humanity and we reflect back on what’s truly important.

My father’s memorial service was a gathering of relationships, of lives that were transformed by his music and his friendship. We are all in the relationship business. For us in the Entertainment business, you could say our mission is to provide transformational experiences.

As Chairman of Imagination Park, I believe it’s my duty to set the tone, help create the vision with our board, and inspire the behaviours that will allow our company to best serve shareholders, customers, and creatives by providing increasing value to the marketplace. We do that through demonstrating management competence and integrity and discovering stories that provide those transformational experiences. The projects we’ve acquired and have created are truly exceptional and show our ability to execute.

So I continually ask myself two questions:
Do investors understand us? And do we understand what investors expect of us.

I am encouraged by the progress we’ve made. I’m amazed at how a string of carefully planned accomplishments have positioned the company, for what I believe to be, a stellar year in twenty seventeen. I feel it’s important to celebrate our achievements and share some of these milestones.

Looking back at the year it’s hard to believe that since our corporate re-brand and re-launch with our IP symbol back in May, We completed debt conversions, cleaned up the Company and have already begun generating revenue. We’ve optioned, acquired or created around 18 projects, shot a music video for the biggest DJ’s in the world that debuted on Billboard’s homepage and has had millions of views, we’ve begun work on our first Virtual Reality production, and inked a feature film service contract and have others pending. We’ve been listed on the US and German stock exchanges, attended several conferences demonstrating virtual reality, held a Vancouver Film Festival event in Yaletown, and sent our short films to prestigious film festivals around the world and have already been accepted in one of the world’s top film festivals. We have just been featured in the CSE Quarterly which profiles some of the CSE’s most dynamic listed companies on the exchange. We’ve built cutting-edge marketing systems for email, lead generation, SEO, Social Media, YouTube and digital advertising and they are set up and ready for deployment to make sales, and grow revenues.

I continue to be awestruck by the talent and dedication that our group has maintained. It is such an honour to be part of such a dynamic team here at Imagination Park. A team that is about to be a leading innovator in content creation in the field of virtual reality.

So, what are the exciting new developments I promised?

We’ve expanded our VR capabilities and are now able to deliver state-of-the-art virtual reality content to an expanding customer base. Our virtual reality production and post production abilities truly are second to none and I believe you will see Imagination Park heralded as one of the top VR content creators in the world in 2017. We have three projects that have been filmed that are now going through the process of visual effects and you’ll be blown away when you see the hollywood quality production quality at a price point almost no else can touch. We are also heavily focus on Augmented Reality as this area will also be a giant growth area for us.

We are currently negotiating with several ad agencies to become one of the primary vendors for supply virtual reality production and post production services. This could potentially mean significant revenues for the company in 2017.
If you haven’t experienced VR for yourself I encourage you to try it. You’ll understand what the excitement is about once your senses experience the wonder. It’s actually humbling and you will instantly grasp the potential.
Even mores I encourage you to try our VR content as it’s released as it will be some of the most incredible and immersive content out there. And as our augmented reality content begins to come out, that will also bring IP to new heights.

I attended my wife’s staff party held at a home, where the hosts teen-age son, had a Playstation VR set up. I was ushered into a games room where a lineup of mature men and women stood to experience Virtual Reality for the first time. It showed be how its approaching critical mass.
This year we had the opportunity to show various investors and hedge fund managers some of our VR content and they were blown away. It was like being transported into another world for them and many people said after the experience that they can see how virtual reality will change the world.

Imagination Park is developing content for this new technology and that event validated how the tipping point for VR is fast approaching. I believe this is the year to take advantage of the growing appetite, for not only entertainment content, but VR content for commercial applications as well. By the year 2020 this will be a 150 billion dollar business according to Bank of America. We will be riding that explosive growth curve upwards by focusing on high quality VR and Augmented Reality experiences.

The verticals requiring content in this space are mind bending.
Already VR and 360 degree/3D is being used in film and in advertising but
VR will be also be used for Pharmaceutical companies to show how their pills work inside a human body. We have submitted proposals for this already!

VR is being used for film trailers (our specialty) for live events, sports and concerts
Virtual tours for the Real Estate market – just send a cardboard VR headset overseas to view a property!

Imagine! VR for Retail and online shopping experiences – fashion shows
VR for Education mimicking the classroom experience
VR for Engineering (virtual prototyping) Mining site visits!
Military simulations and training
Imagine! Tourism – people unable to travel can now go anywhere – even into space!
Sales of all kinds. a VR headset with great content is a sales-persons dream come true!
And IP with our proprietary processes and ability to deliver content at rates that are almost unheard of, will allow us to venture into several different areas of virtual reality but with great profit margin potential.

People around the world are starting use this technology and apply it in a variety of ways. There are very few companies able to produce high quality content in this medium and Imagination Park is one of them.

I am humbled by the opportunity to work with the team as we continue to pursue pioneering the next wave of virtual reality content and to develop and deliver transformational entertainment experiences.

On the film side things are heating up as well. We have a growing feature film portfolio and a documentary in progress. We have our Proof of Concept packages that we are taking to our sophisticated industry partners, distributors and major Hollywood film studios. We are looking to advance them by building solid relationships with high-level talent agencies who represent A-list actors. We have an office at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles and we also share an office on the Universal backlot. Imagination Park’s current President, Tim Marlowe, has recently been accepted into the Producer’s Guild of America. This gives us even more access to projects and studios. Congratulations Tim!

To be clear, It’s never been our intention for the Company to finance these projects by issuing equity or capital, but rather to masterfully package original intellectual property (IP) with talent and film financiers. This is what the studios truly appreciate. As Gabriel Napora, our CEO often says, the biggest risk in film is the financing of films. He himself made a Proof of Concept for $5k which went on to become a $70 million dollar film and the number 1 film in the world and he wants to do this over and over again, and I believe he will because he has the track record to prove it. With talent seekers like Yas Talaat bringing more and more of these projects, the pipeline continues to fill.

So back to my 2 questions. Do investors understand us?

With Virtual Reality quoted by Goldman Sachs to be a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020. I believe savvy investors will see the trend we see, and it’s our job to make it easy for them to communicate the VR story and the opportunities that lie ahead. The important thing to understand is that virtual reality and augmented reality will begin to change almost every area of our lives. And Imagination Park can deliver some of the best virtual reality and augmented reality experiences that exist in the world today.

Any one or more of Imagination Park’s feature film projects could potentially gross millions of dollars and we know this from professional experience. The market is hungry and we can feed it.

Question 2: Do we understand what investors expect of us?

As you can see by reviewing the past year, we have a track record of a company that executes. We have built a culture based on breaking through and doing the work. I’m sure our shareholder base will turn over as required, into a collective of people that believe and follow our vision and who recognize what’s truly possible here, and want to be part of this ride. It’s monumental shifts that we play for – those huge gaps in the valuation of the company, and as we achieve these various milestones, it’s only a matter of time before the financial community dives in deeper to understand what the potential really is. We plan to keep executing on the fundamentals and keep bringing the pieces together. and I truly believe the rest will look after itself. It’s coming. It’s happening.

Great things in business are not done by one person, They are done by a team of people. Like the Beatles the total was greater than the sum of the parts. They balanced each other. We have a great team and it’s growing. We’re here to build a high impact company with scalable growth taking advantage of these major trends.

2017 will be a year of great growth and opportunities for the company as well as some new strategic alliances that will add shareholder value to the company. We are committed to building a real business.

As we approach the holidays there is always so much activity and personal business to attend to that it’s easy to forget to say thank you to those around us. So on behalf of Imagination Park I want to say thank you to our friends, families, shareholders, partners, supporters and colleagues for a great year and we extend our best wishes for good health and good cheer. We appreciate your continued interest and support, we wish you the best of the season and are ready to go for an exciting 2017 at Imagination Park!!